Why Restaurant Hygiene Is Important

Research by Statista showed that hygiene and cleanliness massively impacts eating out habits in the United Kingdom (UK).

Research by Statista showed that hygiene and cleanliness massively impacted eating out habits in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2016. The majority of those surveyed stated a clean establishment was most important when choosing where to eat out, with 72 percent of respondents prioritizing cleanliness and hygiene. A good hygiene rating/score was also important to 43 percent of respondents. This is an increase from 65% and 30% respectively when the research was previously done in 2014.

Factors considered important in deciding where to eat out in the UK in 2016


How to ensure your restaurant meets your customers’ expectations?

The hygiene of your entire establishment matters. Evaluate every aspect of your premises to make sure it hits  #hygienicallyclean standards.  Look at your establishment from the perspective of your customer. A good food hygiene rating score is a great start and tells a good story, but it is not the entire story.

From your customer’s point of arrival what do they see? Do your awnings look clean? Do you have cigarette buts and gum stuck on the pavement outside?  What about the front door itself? And the windows? Do these look clean and welcoming? What about the reception station (if you have one)?  Does this look clean or in need of some attention? What about the menus? When last did they have a good clean?

Do your tables and chairs look clean? What about gum under the seats/tables? What about the walls around the table? Do these look clean?  Now check the floors? Would you risk the 5 second test if your food dropped on the floor? Whilst waiting for food to arrive people often look around, what will they see?  Are the light fittings clean or dusty? Skirting boards clean? What about the curtains are they dusty?

Most visits to a restaurant include a trip to use the facilities, do your restrooms let your down? Could they do with a deep clean or a more thorough clean.

Do you have an outside smoking space? People often chew gum as well as smoke cigarettes. When last did the patio have a good clean?

Be honest with your assessment. 72% of your customers might judge you on it.

FOH Cleanliness Checklist

 To ensure a positive customer experience, check the following: 


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