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What Clients Say About Fluid

A few kind words about our services

Jill Beckley

Office Manager
Bond Davidson

“Fluid go beyond what they need to do for us as a business and are a breath of fresh air. when I leave the office I know I can rely on them. I also use their helpline on a regular basis to order consumables and report any contractors that are coming in, so they can gain access. they have proven to be a real commercial asset to us and provide us with a peace of mind, which in our experience, is hard to find.”

Paul Livesey

Operations Director

“Creating the perfect brasserie environment is what we are all about. having worked with Fluid since 2002 we haven’t had to look elsewhere for our cleaning needs. they always go the extra mile, are trustworthy and responsive and are good at accommodating any additional cleaning demands that arise at short notice.”

Mark Davison

Head of Construction & Design
Gourmet Burger Kitchen

“Fluid helps us to discreetly maintain a comfortable environment that is hygienic and cost effective. we found that standard large cleaning companies on the whole provide peaks and troughs in service. we have worked with Fluid for over a decade because we feel we are getting a personal service. our close relationship with their teams and ours at all levels means that we work hand in hand, which makes them more part of our team rather than an outside contractor. ”

Neil Gardhouse

Head of Regional Operations
Picturehouse Cinema Ltd

“Working with Fluid Hygiene, we know when we talk they listen. it’s refreshing to work with a contractor who acts on our feedback and responds quickly when we need them to. historically, cleaning partners at Picturehouse were sourced locally, resulting in us having 12 different cleaning contractors covering the uk. we took the action to look for a specialist in deep cleaning to maintain a high, consistent standard of cleanliness. all of our buildings are individual so with cleaning one size certainly doesn’t fit all. consolidating our resource through fluid hygiene meant we have achieved a consistent standard of cleaning that is also cost effective”

John Gormally

Head of Operations
Pitcher & Piano (Marstons)

“We have been using Fluid Hygiene for over 15 years to daily clean nearly 40 of our premises nationwide. We operate at the premium end of the market, so need to keep our hygiene up to a high standard to compete. Most cleaning companies will clean satisfactorily, but we value Fluid for their ability to respond proactively. We achieve this through maintaining a close personal relationship with our team and theirs, which in my view is the mark of a good contractor.”

Chris Poole

Regional Operations Director
Carluccio’s UK

“We have developed a good working relationship with fluid hygiene, a business partner with whom we have grown with for over ten years. we value the team’s quick response to daily management of our chain that provide cost effective practical solutions, delivering daily results. this is a key factor in a providing a positive experience to our customers.”

Some More Client Comments

“We rely on Fluid to maintain impeccable standards of hygiene in our kitchen, their team has all the right equipment and the quality of the work is always outstanding.”

“Fluid’s extra services save me time hunting for other suppliers when we need specialist cleaning. I know they can deliver simply by scheduling the work around their regular cleaning regime – easy!”

“Finding a cleaning company that can deliver an effective clean at a sensible price is more difficult than you would think. Now we’ve found Fluid, our search is over.”

“We have worked with Fluid for over a decade because we feel we are getting a personal service. Our close relationship with their teams and ours at all levels means that we work hand in hand, which makes them more part of our team rather than an outside contractor.”

“We tried other cleaning companies but none of them could match the service and quality provided by Fluid. They are leaders in cleaning for the hospitality sector.”

“Nobody can afford to take chances with health and safety on site. With their rigorous approach to safety issues, we trust Fluid to complete our high level cleaning jobs quickly, effectively and with minimal risk.”

“I also just wanted to let you know how pleased I am currently with the cleaning! Your lady cleaner (Lidka) is very reliable and clearly cares about doing a nice job. She’s always on time and working very hard to get restaurant sparking clean. She is a great asset to your business and I very much appreciate you using her for our site.”

A few brands we've helped


Why Choose Us?

  1. 24/7 Helpdesk: When partnering with us, rely on our 24/7 client helpdesk, your site managers' primary contact. We respond to emails in 30 minutes, resolving 95% of issues. Our unparalleled support sets us apart in the cleaning industry.
  2. Tailored Cleaning Solutions: We recognize that every business has unique cleaning requirements. That's why we provide customized cleaning solutions for your industry and individual needs. Whether you need daily cleaning, deep cleaning, or a specialised cleaning service, we have you covered.
  3. Environmentally Friendly Approach: We proudly adopt a green philosophy in our office cleaning services. Fluid Hygiene employs environmentally friendly, pH-neutral cleaning products that reduce environmental impact.
  4. Nationwide Reach: Fluid Hygiene extends its premium commercial cleaning services within London and the entire UK. No matter where your business is located, our dedicated teams are ready to ensure your space is spotless, hygienic, and inviting.

The Fluid VPS System

Developed over years of commercial cleaning experience, the Fluid VPS System benchmarks all our work.


Our weekly checklist system, 24-hour helpdesk support and Smart uniformed personnel.


Using eco-friendly cleaning products safeguards people, including our staff and your customers/employees, while preserving the environment. We prioritize pH-neutral chemicals.


Our training keeps teams updated on compliance and safety. Deep industry knowledge ensures safety, with regular checks and risk assessments.