Tim Webb Receives 20 Year Long Service Award

We’re thrilled to announce that our Senior Sales Manager Tim Webb has been awarded the Fluid Hygiene Long Service Award for 20 years at Fluid Hygiene!

We’ve always appreciated Tim’s dedication and hard work—but what makes him so special?

It’s not only his dedication, but also his ability to adapt to whatever situation or challenge comes along. It also helps that Tim possesses a relentlessly positive attitude to work – always smiling, he just rolls up his sleeves and gets on with it!

We sat down with Tim to get his thoughts on why he stayed with Fluid Hygiene so long, what his top achievements are while working here, and what he loves about the company – plus a few other interesting titbits about employee retention at Fluid Hygiene.

Here’s what he told us:

It’s an incredible tenure Tim, which roles have you held at Fluid?

I started as Window cleaner in 2002, then moved into Sales, across to Customer Service Manager, Extra Works Manager, back to Sales as Senior Sales Manager – never accounts!

What have been your key career milestones?

Surviving 2 recessions and a pandemic! After that reaching 20 yrs is pretty amazing.

Your career progression has been incredible – window cleaner to Senior Sales Manager! What’s driven you to this progress?

I’ve never been a career person but in Fluid hard work and a good attitude is noticed and I’ve felt that my work is noticed and rewarded with moving into the different positions I’ve had.

Clearly you’ve been doing something right! So what’s kept you with Fluid?

Because of that progress. Ideas and suggestions are listened to and implemented where appropriate, I’ve have had some left field ideas side-lined once or twice!

I’ve also changed the way I personally work in sales over the last few years and being left to do that has made me feel respected / trusted and the results are clear to see.

With the growth of the company over the years, you must be doing something right! What would you say have been your top achievements?

Last year was a personal record breaking year in sales for me. This year being allowed to push new avenues for Fluid is a step towards another great year.

You sound genuinely enthusiastic about Fluid, what is it you love about the company?  

Of course there is a certain amount of management you have to fall in line with, but for the most part having the freedom to get on with it is quite unique.

Also having the flexibility to carry out family duties around work is something I deeply appreciate and has been there long before all 4 day weeks and flexi work arrangements became popular.

Thanks Tim and congratulations on this milestone!

A real Company man, and very popular member of the Fluid Team!

Starting as a Window Cleaner, then heading up the Window Cleaning Division, then onto Fluid Helpdesk & helping Operations out, thus becoming a perfect candidate for moving into Sales, where he has been tremendous asset.

Solid in every aspect and also great fun away from the work environment.

Top, top bloke!

Alister Gregson, MD

Fluid Hygiene has always been known for its employee retention rate – we’re proud of how many people stay with us over the years because they love working here.

In fact, what makes Tim such an amazing employee is the same thing that makes Fluid Hygiene such a great place to work: everyone who works here is invested in making sure we deliver the best possible service to our clients.

It shows in everything we do – from our commitment to training new employees (like Tim) and developing until they’re ready for promotions, often people stay at Fluid Hygiene for more than 10 years—and now 20!

Congratulations, Tim! We couldn’t be more proud of your incredible work ethic and dedication to our company.

Here’s to another 20 years!

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