The Cleaning Show 2021

Fluid attended The Cleaning Show 2021, networking and sharing best practice with industry leaders and associations, as well as some of the top suppliers across the cleaning industry for the large scale bi-annual event. The show was well attended as ever, receiving an estimated 1,500 visitors over the 3 days.

The Cleaning Show is one of Europe’s leading events for cleaning and hygiene professionals, taking place every two years at ExCeL London.

There was a clear theme throughout talks, exhibitors, and new products at The Cleaning Show 2021 – sustainability.

The most innovative new products were showcased, introducing new tech, new formulas, and new methods of moving the cleaning industry further forward in the commitment to sustainability and care for the environment.

Sustainability and eco-friendly products were top of the agenda for most exhibitors, who were keen to showcase eco-friendly packaging, including Eco-Dose bottles from Foremost, which Fluid Hygiene have utilised. Eco-Dose concentrate has reduced the size of fluids supplied from 5 litres to just 1 litre, not only meaning less plastic in the world, but being smaller and lighter generates less impact to ship and transport. The specialist dosing system also means the exact correct dose of product is dispensed from the bottle, which reduces the waste even further. Foremost have also taken strides in eco-friendly toilet roll, sustainably sourced and using eco-friendly packaging.

On Wednesday 3rd November attendees, including the Fluid team, enjoyed a panel discussion from CSSA members on ‘Why is now the time to adopt technology led solutions to protect your people and how to utilise?’. Panellists included CSSA Innovation Showcase entrants, who looked at how cleaning as an industry can best utilise technology to protect in such times as the COVID-19 pandemic, including closing the infection control loop and what cleaning companies can do to help reduce airborne particles.

The panel said; “air quality is of paramount importance for health, but is also noted as causing low productivity”. In the UK the limit for particles in the air is 25mg per cubic litre. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends there are no more than 10mg per cubic litre of air, so the UK is allowing 2.5 times the amount of particles in the air. The cleaning industry can help to combat this, but there is a need for education on the topic in order for price-driven clients to accept the extra cost in increasing well being and air quality etc.

Cutting edge technology included the use of smart robotics from manufacturers such as Killis and ICE.

Here’s one of the new robots from Killis running through a floor cleaning demonstration

The show was also home to the Window Cleaning World Cup 2021, which took place on the 3rd November, with entrants competing to win the prestigious title. The Guinness World Record was on site for demonstrations, and of course to retain his title as the fastest window cleaner in the world. Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows currently holds this record at an incredible 9.14 seconds! Here’s Terry in action:

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