Kitchen Deep Cleaning

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Quick & Effective Clean

Keeping a commercial kitchen clean is as important as keeping the front of house spotless. Our commercial kitchen deep cleaning teams will tailor a deep cleaning program to your needs and budget, whether you’re a nationwide chain of restaurants or a small independent pub.

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Compliance & Peace of Mind

It’s a fact that no matter how well your staff look after things, kitchen deep cleaning will become necessary sooner or later. By scheduling a regular kitchen deep cleaning you can ensure that your statutory obligations are being met, avoid the risk of prosecution for environmental health infringements and enjoy peace of mind that the risk of food contamination or pest problems on your premises has been greatly reduced. Furthermore, you will know that your kitchen meets the high standards of cleanliness that your customers would expect.


Dedicated Deep Cleaning Teams

Our specialist commercial kitchen deep cleaning teams have vast experience of deep cleaning various sized kitchens nationwide. As a result, they have the knowledge and experience to get the job done quickly, effectively and with a minimum of disruption to your business. We use specialist deep cleaning products and equipment, such as pressure washers and steam cleaners, to ensure a visually and hygienically clean result for all your kitchen fittings and fixtures, including:

• Floors, walls, ceilings & tiled areas
• Cookers, ovens, grills, fryers & steamers
• Fridges, sinks & storage units
• Tables, food preparation surfaces & passes
Plus on completion, we’ll provide you with a Certificate of Environmental Hygiene that you can display as evidence of the work that has taken place.


With Fluid, you only need one supplier for your whole building. We clean everything from windows to bathrooms, front of house to grease traps. Here are just a few of the services we offer:

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