Floor Restoration & Renovation

Don’t Replace, Renew

The massive popularity of hard wood flooring is a mixed blessing for bar and restaurant owners – it offers simple cleaning and day-to-day maintenance, but the weight of traffic in popular venues can ultimately leave it looking battered and tired, lowering the tone of the establishment.

As specialist suppliers of cleaning services to the bar and restaurant sector, Fluid has long recognised the requirement for a fast and reliable floor restoration service that is tailored to the needs of the hospitality sector. Instead of seeking out alternative suppliers, bar and restaurant owners can now have their flooring looked after by the same team that deliver their other cleaning services. Using the latest methods, we can restore the appearance of old flooring at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Latest Tools, Highly Skilled Teams

Parquet flooring is never out of fashion, and yours could look as good as new. Contact Fluid for parquet flooring restoration and see what amazing results we can achieve.

In addition to wooden floor restoration, we also have techniques to restore the appearance of:

• Stone flooring
• Vinyl flooring
• Tiled flooring
• Parquet flooring


Hot Steaming Service

Here’s the before and after results of our hot steaming service to grouting at a butchers. The steam lifts dirt that mopping can’t touch. The heat also helps kill germs like listeria and E.coli leaving a clean and safe surface.


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