After Fire Cleaning

Has fire disrupted your business? Need an after fire cleanup service to get back to the premises pre-incident state?

Fires are serious threats to life and property due to the smoke, extreme heat and the chemicals they produce. Further issues can be caused by the smoke or chemicals from the fire extinguishing process. Our specialist teams have tackled the clean up process after several fires, and are on hand to help your business get back on its feet following an emergency.

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Emergency Response

Our experienced teams work 24hrs a day to help your business if the worst happens. Fires in commercial kitchens are a relatively common occurrence. In 2019-20 there were over 1400 primary fires (involving rescues, casualties or more than 5 fire engines) recorded in food and drink establishments.

A high fire risk is associated with professional cooking environments, as the potential for accidents is great in a fast paced, highly pressured environment. Combine this with large volumes of flammable cooking oil, naked flames and heat sources – and you have a recipe for disaster!

Whether a fire has been caused by a faulty appliance, electrical lead, misuse of equipment or appliance, by the build-up of grease in the duct work or vents or whether it has simply been caused by accident, a fire in a restaurant or hospitality business can be devastating, even if no one is injured or no lives are lost.

Returned to its former glory

Even though a surface may look clean, chemicals from extinguishers or fine particles of dust may be on surfaces. In most cases (depending on level of damage to equipment and premises), businesses can be returned to its pre-incident state.

Cleaning and sanitising is an important step prior to re-opening. We perform cleaning, deodorisation and careful handling to restore your premises to its pre-incident condition.

In the case of contained fires, an overnight clean up, by dedicated staff, can ensure your premises can be ready for customers with a minimum of business interruption.

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