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Nationwide Cleaning Company Invest to Clean Green

UK commercial cleaning company Fluid Hygiene has invested in hybrid vehicles across their mobile fleets, and eco-friendly products as part of their commitment to reduce their environmental impact.

Fluid Hygiene is a nationwide commercial cleaning business servicing many household names and some of the leading businesses in the UK, particularly large office buildings and multi-site bar and restaurant brands. Employing over 1100 specialist cleaning staff and serving over 800 sites daily, the new vehicles equate to a large reduction in carbon footprint across the business.

The eco-friendly Toyota hybrid vehicles are being rolled out across the Fluid fleet to replace all of their mobile cleaning team vehicles. The new Toyota hybrid vehicles generate energy to charge the battery whilst driving and even whilst braking, to offer incredible efficiency.

Hybrid Toyota cars offer better aerodynamics than ‘normal’ cars, as wind resistance is a big factor in efficiency, especially when it comes to higher speeds. They also use smaller lighter engines and materials like magnesium and aluminium as it takes less fuel to move less weight, and even use narrower tyres with higher pressure to decrease rolling resistance.

Fluid Hygiene were one of the industry’s first businesses to focus on the use of ecologically friendly cleaning products, to protect the wellbeing of their operatives, their customers/employees and the environment, including wide usage of PH7 (neutral) chemicals for both environmental and health protection, to help preserve the planet for future generations.

Commitment to both usage of eco-friendly products, and reusable or recyclable products is top of their agenda when offering their services as well as when looking for suppliers. As such, Fluid utilise the Eco-Dose range products from its principal supplier, a forward thinking cleaning supply business called Foremost.

Foremost have made huge strides in the reduction of environmental impact, and supply Fluid Hygiene with products from their extensive eco-friendly range including their Eco-Dose dilution control.

Eco-Dose bottles are a concentrate which has reduced the size of fluids supplied from 5 litres to just 1 litre, not only meaning less plastic in the world, but being smaller and lighter generates less impact to ship and transport. The specialist dosing system also means the exact correct dose of product is dispensed from the bottle, which reduces the waste even further

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