Insights Discovery Day December 2023

In the ever-moving world of cleaning services, the backbone of success lies in effective leadership and strategic decision-making. Recently, Fluid Hygiene’s leadership team congregated in London for an Insights Discovery day.

The Insights Discovery Day was held within a stone’s throw of iconic London landmarks such as The Gherkin, Tower Bridge and The Southbank. This are is also an area of London where Fluid Hygiene service many customer sites with daily cleaning.
In this blog post, we delve into the insights gained and the strategies discussed during this Insights Discovery Day.

Gaining An Insight

Through engaging activities, workshops, and open discussions the Fluid leadership team gained valuable awareness into their communication styles, decision-making approaches, and preferred working environments.

The day included psychometric testing to help the Fluid leadership team identify skills and knowledge of how people work together and making the most of the relationships that affect the team at work.

Empowering the Workforce

Recognising the workforce as the cornerstone of Fluid Hygiene, further discussions led toward strategies for employee empowerment and skills development. Initiatives such as specialised training programs, mentorship opportunities, apprenticeship recruitment and avenues for career growth were outlined.

Customer-Centric Approach

Fluid Hygiene’s commitment to exceeding customer expectations remains important to all. Strategies were debated to deepen client relationships through personalised services, proactive communication, and a heightened focus on customers evolving needs.

Sustainable Practices

The day also underscored everyone’s belief in environmental sustainability. Implementing green cleaning methodologies and reducing our carbon footprint emerged as fundamental goal for all. The team outlined plans to continue to procure eco-friendly supplies and adopt energy-efficient practices across all operations.

Agile Decision-Making

The landscape of the cleaning industry is dynamic, demanding agile responses to market shifts. The leadership team all believed in the importance of a nimble decision-making processes to quickly adapt to changing demands.


The Insights Discovery day was warmly welcomed by all and helped the team understand themselves better as individuals and how they interact with each other, their teams, and customers.

The course proved instrumental in fostering a stronger level of self-awareness among team members, allowing them to gain valuable insights into their individual preferences, communication styles, and work-related strengths. Through this shared understanding, team members developed a heightened appreciation for the diverse perspectives within the group, creating an environment of mutual respect and collaboration.

The insights gained from the course will mean more effective interactions not only within the team but also in external engagements with customers. Armed with a newfound understanding of each other’s communication preferences and working styles, the team is better equipped to navigate challenges, capitalize on collective strengths, and improve overall team synergy.

The positive reception and tangible benefits experienced by the Fluid leadership team highlight the importance of fostering both personal and professional growth.
The future of cleaning services is bright, and the Fluid leadership team now has a better insight into themselves and how they will be ready to embrace it.

Highlights from the day

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