Fluid Secures Everyman Cinema Contract

Fluid is pleased to announce that Fluid is the newly appointed supplier of cleaning services for Everyman Cinemas.

We are delighted to announce that Fluid is the newly appointed supplier of cleaning services for Everyman Cinemas. 

Everyman Cinemas is an independent network of boutique cinemas in the UK. With a passion for quality, from service of food and drink to seating and films. Every cinema has a unique bar or foyer space which requires the bespoke Fluid Hygiene approach to cleaning. Our fully trained and professional teams can provide quick and effective cleaning to the venues which range from the iconic 100 year old Screen on the Green, to brand new boutique spaces in Selfridges and Birmingham Mailbox. 

Everyman aims to create a truly memorable experience that exceeds expectations and reaches the highest standards possible in comfort and entertainment. Fluid Hygiene’s complete cleaning service for every part of the venue will contribute to the overall impression that the customer receives.



Find out more about our cleaning services for cinemas and theatres.

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