Dumb waiting – Why Professional Cleaning Pays Off

A BBC Investigation found bacteria with traces of faeces on the ice served in a branch of a well-known fast food chain in Birmingham. Alister Gregson, Managing Director of nationwide commercial cleaning company, Fluid Hygiene, comments on why professional cleaning pays off.

Dumb Waiting? The Implications of Ad Hoc Cleaning Can Cost The Whole Business

A recent Food Standard Agency survey indicated that 65% of customers rated cleanliness and hygiene as a deciding factor in choosing a restaurant, so we know that a restaurant looking clean consistently is very important.  During busy service periods in-house staff need to ensure that the customer experience is as it should be. Being busy is no excuse for poor hygiene in the eyes of the customer. But by using a cleaning contractor like Fluid, restaurants know that they have a head start on being clean and staying clean on a daily basis.  The use of a standard checklist of in-service cleaning for staff and training, is an easy way to encourage a healthy routine, as everyone knows what is expected is recommended.

Alister Gregson, Managing Director of Fluid Hygiene said:

“The recent expose by the BBC’s Rip off Britain programme brings the issue of regular deep cleaning and kitchen hygiene requiring particular attention, which is tricky to perform effectively in-house due to long opening hours: In order to keep tables turning areas such as flooring, toilets and under the dumb waiter can be overlooked.”



Dumb Waiter After

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