Dash To The Med 2

Cars are Ready for Departure!

Departing tomorrow, at 17.30, 15 cars, all soft tops, will depart from Old Reigatians Rugby Club, on Park Lane in Reigate, heading for Portsmouth and the overnight ferry to St Malo.

Alister Gregson, the MD of Fluid Hygiene, will join the event, cruising in a 2006 Mini Convertible with the number 13.

Dash To The Med 2 is an exciting charity event where 30 participants will drive in 15 decorated cars, each priced under £1,000. They will travel from Reigate to Antibes on the Mediterranean coast, covering the diagonal route across France.

The designated route does not include the use of motorways, and participants are prohibited from utilising navigation systems.

To abide by the event’s regulations, the 15 cars taking part must not exceed a maximum cost of £1000, with a 10% allowance for dressing up and repairs.

Cars can ONLY be driven with the roof down, come rain or shine. So, with drivers packing their raincoats and parasols, they will head off on this !! The whole trip, every single cost, is being covered by the drivers which means that EVERY SINGLE PENNY raised goes directly to our 4 chosen charities.

Charities chosen for the event are:

  • https://www.renewedhope.org.uk – They provide practical solutions and emotional support to the homeless, vulnerable and isolated of East Surrey. They seek to see all who come to them given a new hope and the opportunity to build a new life.
  • https://www.esdas.org.uk – They help anyone who lives or works in the East Surrey area who has, or is experiencing domestic abuse. They promote the ethos that everyone has the right to live life free from threats, violence and abuse.
  • https://www.rgs.foundation – They provide first class educational opportunities for children whose potential is far greater than their financial means. They aim to produce sufficient income to support a wider range of deserving pupils through immediate bursarial support addressing the issue of Social Mobility in the local area.
  • https://www.myname5doddie.co.uk – They are absolutely committed to a vision of a world free of Motor Neuron Disease, leaving no stone unturned in their relentless pursuit of this goal.

This year the teams aim to raise £75,000 for charity. All costs for the car and travel are covered by the teams themselves, so every single penny donated will be evenly distributed among the four charities.

Now, getting straight to the point, we sincerely appreciate any contributions, regardless of their size. If you are able to spare any amount, no matter how small, your support would be immensely valued. Donating is quick and easy, requiring just a few clicks. Kindly visit the event’s GiveWheel page to make your generous contribution:

Note: When making your donation and leaving a message, please mention that Alister is in Car 13.

Follow their progress on social media:

FACEBOOK – Dash To The Med 2

INSTAGRAM – dashtothemed2

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