Marine Cleaning

We need contractors to deliver quality work to an exacting schedule.  Fluid have proven themselves, with responsiveness and standards of cleaning that went beyond our expectations.

Fluid Hygiene specialises in ductwork and engine room cleaning services for the shipping industry.  After some high profile public health incidents caused by poor ventilation hygiene on passenger ships we have invested significantly in skills and equipment, enabling us to deliver this work quickly and cost-effectively.


Our skilled and professional team have experience of live marine ductwork cleaning projects gained both in Europe and the Far East.  Highly mobile, we are ready and willing to undertake international travel in order to meet your ship whilst it is in dock, wherever that may be.  Our experience is based on passenger craft such as cruise ships and ferries, but the techniques and equipment that we use are equally applicable to any manned vessel.


In addition to ventilation and ductwork cleaning, Fluid can also several other services that are relevant to the shipping industry.  Our skill and experience in the fields of engine room and confined space cleaning are particularly pertinent.  All our operatives for these specialist cleaning services are comprehensively trained and are familiar with relevant health and safety legislation, including COSHH and the correct use of PPE equipment.

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