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A Touch of Fluid

The first Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) was opened in 2001 in Battersea, South London and changed the UK burger scene forever. Now with over 68 restaurants across the UK, with another 15 planned to open next year, the growing chain prides itself on serving up a variety of 25 handcrafted burgers, made from scratch every day, in each kitchen.

GBK restaurants serve an average of 137,000 customers a week. Part of the GBK customer experience is being able to see their food being cooked in full view, but this poses particular operational challenges to ensure that the kitchens, as well as front of house have to be spotless at all times.

Night Teams Ensure Business Continuity

The bistro burger offering can be messy, with griddles in constant use, the grease and steam created by the menu means the cleaning challenge is continual. It’s a fact that no matter how well in-house staff look after things, regular planned kitchen deep cleaning becomes necessary. By scheduling weekly deep cleans in the busiest kitchens, Fluid teams work throughout the night to ensure business continuity of GBK kitchens and front of house, nationwide.

Operatives also keep on top of grease on walkways and surfaces which are made of both vinyl resin and oak finishes. Professional cleaning of these areas results in a prolonged shine that is also hygienically clean. Fluid use specialist deep cleaning products and equipment, such as pressure washers and steam cleaners, to ensure a visually and hygienically clean result for all finishes of kitchen fittings and fixtures.

Staying One Step Ahead

Regular planned cleaning ensures that the restaurant’s statutory obligations are being met on an individual basis. This not only brings the peace of mind that environmental health compliance is passed, but that the kitchens are meeting the high standards of cleanliness that their customers would expect.
Scheduling planned maintenance or deep cleaning in advance means GBK save time and money. By working closely in partnership with in-house staff, Fluid services its clients by adapting their delivery to the client business challenge, in addition to working with in-house health and safety teams, constantly monitoring check lists and data sheets.

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