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Fluid Hygiene Serves Up
‘Real-Time Sparkle’   at Carluccio’s

Meeting commercial cleaning demands for bars and restaurants requires service and expertise on many levels: As a result of Fluid Hygiene’s meticulous service and attention to detail, it’s name has become synonymous with being a leading supplier of cleaning services to the hospitality sector.

Fluid has been the cleaning contractor of choice for Italian restaurant chain, Carluccio’s, for more than a decade. The chain of over 80 restaurants in the UK, has an on-going demand for maintaining high standards of hygiene, both in front of house and in the kitchen.

The contract encompasses cleaning each front of house daily, deep kitchen cleans regularly, plus specialist jet washes of outdoor parasols for the restaurants that cater for over 150,000 customers each week.

The restaurants’ daily cleaning routine is a priority for Carluccio’s and part of it’s service commitment to it’s customers. Fluid Hygiene’s local management teams deal directly with any cleaning issues or concerns on a daily basis and with the use of innovative technology, which allows staff to give direct feedback from individual sites on the quality of the service.

“We value the team’s quick response to daily management of our chain that provide cost effective practical solutions, delivering daily results. This is a key factor in providing a positive experience to our customers.”

Chris Poole Carluccio’s

Providing Peace of Mind 

Fluid Hygiene has specialist kitchen cleaning teams that provide quick and effective cleans to a range of caterer’s needs, ensuring business continuity. Regular kitchen deep cleans of all restaurants in the chain involve specialist cleaning products and equipment, such as pressure washers and steam cleaners, to ensure a visually and hygienically clean result for kitchen fittings and fixtures. This regular service has provided a realistic ongoing monitoring and cleaning program that meets regulation and risk assessment, cost effectively.

Reactive Solutions

Fluid’s continued investment in equipment and staff training has helped the company maintain a leading edge within a highly competitive sector. Fluid’s national team of over 800 cleaners is unique to the market: Directly employed and trained internally.

Carluccio’s benefits from real time updates, using CleanLink a software system nurtured by Fluid Hygiene to fit clients’ needs. Data sent via mobile iPad technology provides clients with real time status and feedback from site. This comprehensive service is backed up with a dedicated 24 hour help desk.

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