On-demand cleaning — when to call in the ‘hit-squad’

Employing a professional cleaning contractor that is able to support your additional ad hoc hygiene projects will help your business stay compliant and with the minimum of disruption to your trading.

Employing a professional cleaning contractor that is able to support your additional ad hoc hygiene projects will help your business stay compliant and with the minimum of disruption to your trading.

Fluid Hygiene’s Specialist Works division is geared to support daily cleaning schedules with a range of additional on demand cleaning services often not included in contract cleaning arrangements. These additional ad-hoc cleaning jobs ensure that you stay compliant and in business all day, everyday and significantly reduce business disruption. The economy is predicted to continue to be tough on the hospitality industry, with many brands looking to rationalise operations. However, in-house staff are not cleaning specialists so will inevitably do the minimum asked of them when additional cleaning is required. On-going requests for staff to clean will ultimately end in a long list of issues such as poor cleaning standards, a demotivated team and subsequent higher turnover of staff. It pays to supplement in-house or contract cleaning programmes with additional specialist cleans. These additional ad-hoc deep cleans offer the cleaning support needed at busy seasonal times throughout the year.

‘On demand’ cleaning such as canopy, patio jet washing and kitchen deep cleans will also increase the life of your equipment, fixtures and fittings. Just scratching the surface… Professional advanced scheduling of cleans should identify what needs doing inside and out. Site visits with the contractor are a valuable way to identify any areas outside of the daily cleaning that need further attention. Finding a proactive contractor will enable you to pinpoint on-demand jobs that are bespoke to your premises fixtures and fittings. Through regular contact, a good contractor will be able to advise and diarise additional jobs not on the specification list of a regular schedule – Not just to comply with legislation, but to keep daily routines in place without issues escalating. Planned deep cleans also strengthen regulatory cleaning protocols and show that you take your hygiene responsibilities seriously, which is why Fluid Hygiene provide one off deep cleans or regular scheduled cleans to ensure consistent results. Scheduling planned maintenance or deep cleaning in advance means you can save time and money to support your daily cleaning cycle or jobs not on the specification list.



Kitchen deep cleaning

It’s a fact that no matter how well your staff or cleaning partner look after things, kitchen deep cleaning will become necessary sooner or later. By scheduling a regular deep clean of your kitchen you can ensure that your statutory obligations are being met. The FSA latest food safety study reported over 500,000 cases of food poisoning in a year, of which Salmonella accounted for half of all hospital admissions and those were only the most serious. Deep cleaning avoids the risk of prosecution for environmental health infringements and establishes peace of mind that the risk of food contamination or pest problems on your premises have been greatly reduced. Furthermore, you will know that your kitchen meets the high standards of cleanliness that your customers would expect. By using specialist deep cleaning products and equipment, such as pressure washers and steam cleaners, ensures a visually and hygienic clean delivered quickly and efficiently.  





Bin room and bin cleaning

On-site bin cleaning services deliver a deep clean to not only the bins but also surrounding bin stores. Bin store areas are typically as dirty and unhygienic as the bins themselves. Disinfectants will only work on clean surfaces, so bad odours and detritus can build up in unkept areas which then encourages further pest problems. Fluid Hygiene’s thorough kerbside bin deep cleaning service disinfects and deodorises bins to ensure this small cleaning task does not become out of control.

Lift pit cleaning

Fluid’s Hygiene’s services are developed out of customer’s practical needs. It’s unique lift pit cleaning service aims to tackle even the filthiest of pit lift areas. This is an area regularly forgotten but is still under statutory obligations to keep clean. Lift pits are a breeding ground for harmful waste including rotting food, used cutlery and other unsavoury detritus which often encourages pest infestations. That is why Fluid Hygiene offer a free, no obligation quote in just 48 hours for any lift pit cleaning works and will complete the job at a time to suit you.


Carpet and upholstery cleaning

There are over 100 chemicals and anti-bacterial solutions specific to cleaning different surfaces. Liability for expensive materials and equipment is high as is using inexperienced in-house staff or untrained cleaners who may cause permanent staining and/or damage. The HSE reports that around 13,000 deaths each year from occupational lung disease and cancer are estimated to have been caused by past exposures at work, primarily to chemicals and dust. Commercial hot water extraction systems and professional steaming equipment safely lift out deeply engrained dirt, grease, food and drink stains, whilst leaving fabrics dry and ready for use.


Floor renovation and restoration

The high popularity of hard wood flooring is a mixed blessing for bar and restaurant owners. It offers simple cleaning and day-to-day maintenance, but the weight of traffic in popular venues can ultimately leave it looking battered and tired, lowering the tone of the establishment. Using the latest methods, Fluid Hygiene restores the appearance of old flooring be it stone, vinyl, tiles or parquet at a fraction of the cost of replacement : Buffering and sealing your floor annually will extend your floors lifespan and enhance the feel and look of your venue and therefore brand.


Jumbrella and awning cleaning

Mildew, mould and algae stains are an eyesore and can be difficult and time consuming to remove. They also require legislative risk assessments of areas to protect public and staff as well as method statements and on-site insurance to get the job done. Using experienced specialist cleaning staff, applying the latest cleaning techniques will restore outside fabrics to their former glory and leave the outside of your building and your outside spaces looking bright, fresh and inviting.


Patio and decking cleaning

Over time, without proper care, patios discolour easily and lose the brightness that they bring to your outside areas. Decking can become overrun with moss and algae, and cleaning it can prove to be a large job to undertake in-house along with daily cleaning commitments. Aside from being unattractive, patios and decking can become slippery and dangerous areas for your customers and staff if they are not cleaned regularly. Public access and staff safety need to be considered along with appropriate permissions and cordons. A good cleaning contractor will take on these liabilities and appropriate safeguards to deliver a hassle-free cleaning job, convenient to your opening hours.


High level cleaning

This type of cleaning should not be carried out by unskilled and uninsured staff. Maintaining hard to reach fixtures and fittings may involve pressure washing or window, roof cleaning or manually cleaning frontages. The HSE reported a year on year increase in prosecutions due to falls, fining these non-compliant businesses an average of £8,000. Time and money is saved by using a professional cleaning contractor that is PASMA trained for safe access to towers and working at height and IPAF trained for the use of powered access equipment. In addition to risk assessments and platform approvals, whether mechanical or scaffold, expect your contractor to do the job quickly and efficiently by avoiding ladder work, using safety lines and PH neutral materials to reduce the health and safety risk of spillages at height.


After builders cleaning

Even if the construction teams have tidied up after themselves, refurbishments and new builds are usually far from spotless. Ensuring a sparkling handover, means it isn’t just plaster and brick dust that needs to be removed. Many fixtures and fittings will need cleaning up following installation. Labels will need to be peeled away, loose screws tightened, items of waste material swept up and paint spotting removed from floors, windows and metal fittings. So called ‘invisible’ areas such as cupboard interiors and corners also require detailed attention. Expect a detailed description of works prior to the job commencing and a post clean walk through and sign off with the contractor at the end of the clean.


After flood cleaning

If you have experienced flooding in your business, you will need a thorough and efficient after flood cleaning service to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. This requires the interior, including carpets and furniture being sanitised and dried correctly, in order that the business to be returned to its pre-incident condition. Following a flooding disaster there are potential health concerns that can be created by the disruption. Prior to re-opening businesses should always complete a self-inspection to ensure that normal operations can be resumed safely and without compromising food or customer safety. A certificate of completion may also be required for insurers and local councils and this can be provided by Fluid Hygiene.

After fire cleaning

A high fire risk is associated with professional cooking environments. These can pose serious threats to life and property through the smoke, extreme heat and the chemicals they produce, long after extinguishing. Cleaning and sanitizing is an important step prior to reopening. Fluid Hygiene perform cleaning, deodorization and careful handling to restore your premises to its pre-incident condition. In the case of contained fires, an overnight clean up by a dedicated team ensures your premises can be ready for customers with a minimum of business interruption.



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