Vapiano Wins Loo of the Year Award

Just goes to show a good cleaner makes all of the difference! We are proud to announce our client Vapiano were awarded a Loo of the year award – not once, but twice!

It goes to show that a good cleaning team can really pay dividends to a restaurant!

We are very proud to hear that our client Vapiano has been rightly awarded a Loo of the Year award for 2014 and 2015, but as always the cleaner is the last to know!! Congrats to the restaurant and cleaning teams who work at the Vapiano sites.

The award, which was presented by Loo of the Year, recognises innovation in all areas of provision, cleaning and maintenance of ‘away from home’ toilets.  Any type of ‘away from home’ toilet can be nominated or entered in the competition.  A toilet can be nominated by staff, customers, visitors, managers, owners or contractors.

It’s too late to enter a site for this year,  but there is always next year.  Visit the loo of the year website for further information on how to enter.