Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning and ventilation hygiene services from Fluid Hygiene are amongst the most comprehensive available. From intakes through to extractors, AC units, condensers, canopies, exhausts and fans, we offer a professional duct cleaning service that is delivered by highly trained teams at competitive rates.

Contaminated ductwork, filtration and air handling units can be a breeding ground for bacteria, moulds and fungi. These can cause problems not only for the health of those occupying the building, but also within the vents and ducts themselves.   Compacted dust and loose corrosion within components of an air conditioning/ventilation system not only reduce efficiency but also increase energy and maintenance costs.

We can help you with these problems thanks to our complete range of duct cleaning services:

  • Hot Kitchen Extract Cleaning (including new dry ice methods)
  • Intake Air Plenums
  • Air Handling Unit Hygiene
  • Filtration Management
  • Supply Air Ductwork Cleaning
  • Exhaust & Return Air Systems
  • LEV Inspection & Maintenance

Even if your ductwork cleaning requirement is not listed here, it’s likely we will be able to help.  Contact us today for further information.

One of the most comprehensive ductwork cleaning services we have come across.  Effective and very professional.  Recommended.

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Ductwork & Extract Cleaning